We are changing the hiring paradigm.  We are disrupting the Recruiting Industry by ultimately creating a “flat rate” fee structure designed to place more candidates in the Medical Device industry at a fraction of the cost of traditional recruiting companies.

With over a decade of retained and contingent recruitment experience, in a multitude of industries, we have experienced the exhilaration of helping companies secure top talent and the disappointment of losing a placement with a strong candidate to an internal referral.

We understand the ambiguity of recruiting…

  • Companies want to hire great talent while reducing fees.  So, yes, companies will work with recruiting firms but not necessarily happily doing so.  If they can find a cheaper solution, many will go that route.
  • Candidates are beginning to understand this ambiguity, too.  Working with a recruiting company is not always a good thing.  Yes, they get more exposure to specific opportunities.  But they are $20,000, $30,000 or $40,000+ more expensive than other qualified candidates not presented through recruiting firms.

How are we addressing these issues…

  • By charging reasonable “flat rate” fees to our client companies
  • Companies are happily signing on in order to hire strong talent at a fraction of traditional recruitment costs.
  • Candidates are excited knowing that they don’t have such a heavy price tag on their head.

We are finally creating a win-win-win scenario

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