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When we commit to working on a client requisition or search, our pledge is “to leave no stone unturned”. We do this by breaking down our approach into our 6-step path to a successful hire outlined below in our CRC Signature Solution to Hiring Top Talent. The vital starting point is open dialogue. We must fully understand our Client. The more accurate the information that we learn about the company, the better we perform. Let us show you what we mean with 3 actual examples below.

The vast majority of Recruiting firms do not probe so deeply. Therefore, they do not truly know what to look for when uncovering top talent for that specific client. We are your first impression to the candidate pool when presenting your opportunity. We take this privilege very seriously.


We engage in a consultative partnership with our clients. We are in the business of filling our clients’ key Sales and Marketing positions with the best talent that the Medical Technology market has to offer.  And we do not take this responsibility lightly. Our recruitment services are end-to-end hiring solutions that continue through the employee’s first full year of employment. Again, the more open the relationship, the more we can do to truly uncover YOUR exceptional candidate.